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  • Newsletter January
    Solar Update: Following significant discrepancies between the initial presentation and the final proposal from Candi, the trustees have diligently sought alternative solar installers to ensure informed decision-making by our members.
  • Newsletter October
    Green thumbs, new tenant and new numbers on the car ports, oh and it’s AGM time… how quickly a year flies!
  • Q & A
    Feedback from the Q & A held on 15 September.
  • Newsletter July
    Having a look at the levies we pay, our incredible gardens and a few tips on safety.
  • Newsletter June
    Saving electricity, a new scanner and a few changes on how we manage our recycling.
  • Newsletter April/May
    Bunnies, magic and potjies… lots happening at the castle.
  • Solar proposal explained
    Theron Uys reviews the top questions asked by members for the proposed solar project at Castleton Estate Plettenberg bay.
  • Newsletter March 2023
    Find out why Castleton is such a fantastic investment, a property expert explains. Get to know our incredible on site team and keep a few dates in the diary.
    The maintenance and upkeep of a geyser in a unit in a sectional title scheme, such as Castleton, is the responsibility of the owner of the unit, as stipulated in the Sectional Titles Act (Act Number 95 of 1986 of The Republic of South Africa).Each owner of a unit in a sectional title scheme must… Read More »CASTLETON –GEYSERS
  • Newsletter February 2023
    An accountant, a lawyer and a web developer buy units in Castleton…
  • Newsletter January 2023
    The gate gets a facelift, the laundry gets an upgrade and we get some recycling guidance.
  • Newsletter November 2022
    New Trustees, preventative maintenance and the gathering of the clans.