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Newsletter January

    Solar Update: Following significant discrepancies between the initial presentation and the final proposal from Candi, the trustees have diligently sought alternative solar installers to ensure informed decision-making by our members.

    This endeavor has proven to be a challenging and time-consuming task. Members will be promptly notified once another viable proposal is secured.

    Electric Fence and CCTV Cameras: Phase 1 of the Electric Fence installation is still in progress and is expected to conclude by the end of February. The CCTV cameras have been fully installed along the Thulana Hill border.

    Gardens: While the staff have been at times assigned to assist with other tasks, including land clearing and trenching for the installation of the electric fence and cameras, and the upgrade of the bed in front of block 14 and along the entrance road, they have now returned to their regular duties. Consequently, the gardens will receive the attention they require.

    Sibusiso Sizani Accident: The accident involving Sibusiso Sizani has deeply impacted our staff, particularly Hannes, and the administrative burden associated with this unfortunate incident has been considerable. To support the Sizani family, we have loaned R10,000 towards the funeral expenses and have employed Sibusiso’s brother, Hlalanathi Sizani.

    Bakkie Replacement: We have acquired a “new” secondhand Ford Ranger bakkie to replace the damaged vehicle.

    Fire Drill: A fire drill will be organized soon to ensure preparedness and safety within the estate.
    Cyclists Safety: We urge parents to ensure that their children adhere to safety regulations, including wearing helmets while cycling on the estate premises, as stipulated in the Conduct Rules, item 19 (r):
    Motorcyclists and cyclists shall always wear appropriate safety headgear while riding on the Premises of the Complex/Estate. Motorcycling and cycling on the lawns of the Complex/Estate is strictly prohibited.

    Estate Mate: We encourage all members to register on Estate Mate for effective access control and issue reporting. Assistance and guidance on using the platform are available at the office and on our website,

    Official Communication Channels: We have separated the Castleton Inhouse Info group from the residents’ WhatsApp community to streamline official communication. Please find below the official website and WhatsApp links for your reference.

    Official Website:

    Official WhatsApp Link:

    Your cooperation and participation are greatly appreciated as we strive to enhance the Castleton community experience.

    Castleton Trustees